Voyage to the Kermadecs

'Voyage to the Kermadecs'is a suite of nine images—one by each artist. The six etchings included within the suite were made from zinc plates which Gregory O’Brien took with him on HMNZS Otago, and then onto Raoul Island. While no work was done on the etching plates either at sea or on the island, O’Brien would like to think that the nicks and scrapes which some of the plates accumulated along the way are, in a sense, a record of the expedition.

At Nuku’alofa, O’Brien unwrapped the weighty parcel of etching plates and distributed them among the artists, suggesting that each produce an image that reflected or embodied something of the voyage. In the months that followed, six etchings were editioned by master-printer Michael Kempson at Cicada Press, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales. The three remaining images in the portfolio were made using digital media. All were printed in an edition of 30 copies; paper size is 400 x 300mm.