John Pule

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So many times I have flown over the Pacific in a plane, and stared at it, and been mesmerised by it, and wondered what it was like to be on the water heading towards foreign destinations.

I have been engaging with Polynesian and Pacific Island themes for a long time. When I said yes to the Kermadec trip, I wanted to have that sense of being on the sea, going towards a place, and to be inspired by it and, through that experience, create a different language and use words and different imagery to describe the place we call Oceania. We are all from this part of the world. For the past 200 / 300 years we have been beating each other up, marrying each other, taking parts of each other, making exchanges. We are part of Polynesia and we all belong to the same place we call the ocean.

I was fascinated by the uniqueness of the journey and what we would find. If you go to a new place you have to be open to that environment and how you interact with it and how you use it.