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Kermadec Log

In May 2011 nine artists set sail aboard the HMNZS Otago for the Kermadecs to document one of the greatest, least known, pristine ocean sites on the planet. This is a 'log' of their voyage. For the use of underwater footage, thanks to NOAA, Neptune Resources Ltd, NIWA and GNS.

Special thanks for soundtrack to:
Blear Moon LJ Kruzer
Philip Dadson


Rolf Gjelsten of the New Zealand String Quartet plays the Sarabande from Cello suite No. 2 in D minor by J.S Bach.


Each year during the months of October and November thousands of humpback whales depart their breeding grounds in Polynesia for the long migration south. They swim through the Kermadec waters, passing close to Raoul Island, and on to the Antarctic where krill is abundant during the summer months.
In SIGHTINGS, marine biologist Rochelle Constantine, attempts to capture a DNA sample from one or the early starters - a sole humpback – the only one seen near Raoul during a week in September 2012. These samples contribute to the growing understanding of the lifecycle of this species.
"Le Dernier" and "Cold Summer Landscape" by Blear Moon,