Thank you to Penelope Jackson and the team at Tauranga Art Gallery for embracing the Kermadecs and the artists who voyaged there.

Many thanks to the Royal New Zealand Navy and Department of Conservation for being such generous hosts of the Kermadec voyagers. Special thanks to Hon Dr Wayne Mapp, New Zealand Minister of Defence, Retired Admiral Peter McHaffie, Lt Commander Vicki Rendall, the Captain and crew of the HMNZS Otago, and the incredible team of DOC staff and volunteers on Raoul, for making our exploration of the Kermadecs possible. For their good company, insights and invaluable assistance over the course of the Kermadec voyage, thank you to Hon Kate Wilkinson, Minister of Conservation, Gavin Rodley, Pieter Tuinder, Marcus Lush, Matt Jolly, Broughton Lattey, Leilani Tamu and Ruha Fifita.

We are grateful to Hon Sandra Lee Vercoe, Bill Mansfield, Karen Baird, Amelia Connell, Tyler Eddy, Bob Zurr, Jay Nelson, Heather Bradner, Veronica O’Connor, Jai Crapella and Andi Pearl for their commitment to the Kermadec initiative; Dr Tom Trnski and members of the Auckland Museum Biodiscovery Expedition team for inspiring us with their Kermadec experiences and discoveries; and collection staff Kareen Schnabel and Caroline Chin at NIWA, and Carl Struthers at Te Papa, for sharing Kermadec specimens with artists. Also to NOAA, GNS, NIWA, Alexander Turnbull Library, Roger Grace, Gareth Rapley and Malcolm Francis for sharing their photographs, and to June Hiatt for her permission to reproduce images and text from her family story, Crusoes of Sunday Island. A special thank you to Michael Kempson and everyone at Cicada Press, University of New South Wales, for their collaboration on the ‘Voyage to the Kermadecs’ series of multiples. Thanks to everyone who has supported, advised and engaged with this project. The City Gallery Wellington, Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum, Jenny Bornholdt, Roslyn Oxley, Jenny Neligan, Jane Sanders, Robin Kearns, Insight, NIWA, GNS, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, WWF New Zealand, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand.

Ongoing thanks to the Kermadec artists and their families for taking a voyage into the unknown and sharing so generously their discoveries.

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